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Organize your event, congress or meeting in a culture-rich environment of native history. For smaller meetings you can visit Museumhotels Delft. For your larger meetings / congresses we work with a number of partners in Delft.

Museumhotels Delft

A location largely determines the character and atmosphere of your event.

At Museumhotels Delft you can organise your small gathering (up to 30 people), meeting, lunch and dinner. All this takes place in a historical and intimate setting. This will give your meeting a special character. Our meeting room is equipped with daylight, WIFI and beamer. If you organize a larger meeting, we can approach our highly appreciated cooperation partners. The combination of Museumhotels Delft and the special rooms of the Museum Prinsenhof and the Postkantoor offer an inspiring environment for a business meeting, a presentation or a business dinner. If you combine your meeting with hotel rooms, we will not charge you a transaction fee.

Museum Prinsenhof Delft

Prinsenhof Delft with William of Orange as your host! A unique, inspiring venue for your meetings and events.

In the Museum Prinsenhof Delft, a unique monumental building and former residence of William of Orange, the visitor experiences Dutch history. Here it is discovered how Delft Blue could grow into a global icon and how Delft and the people of Delft contributed to the development of the Netherlands with creativity, innovation and a smart trade spirit. The museum is centrally located in the characteristic inner city near one of Delft's most beautiful canals. There are four stylish spaces in the museum that are ideal for commercial, cultural or social events. These spaces can be used individually or combined for one event. The Van der Mandelezaal, with its overwhelming glass roof, is the centerpiece and is ideal for receiving large groups. The Charitate Chamber and the Waalse kerk are attractive places for smaller gatherings, as well as the Museum Cellar with its authentic vaults. In the Prinsenhof Delft Museum you can go for private lunches or dinners, as well as for plenary meetings, congresses or large events for up to 400 people. Receive your guests in these historic spaces, gather under the eye of the Old Church and surprise you during an exclusive tour of the museum.

Het Postkantoor

From 1890 to 2005, the post office was located at the Hippolytus neighborhood. Who doesn't know this place? You took your packages away, arranged bank fees or took your concert tickets.

The Post Room (Postkamer) is a nice light room, all decorated in style just like the café-restaurant. With cozy seating and tables for lunch or dinner. In the post office period the post was sorted here. Now this Postroom has a lot of possibilities. The room is suitable for meetings, private dinners, bubbles, birthdays, giving workshops and other business or private occasions


The Prinsenkwartier is the place where art, knowledge, design, technology, innovation and cultural history comes together in a a beautiful building at the Agatha Square in Delft. Meeting and dedication to creativity is very important.

In addition to the creative implementation of the partners in the Prinsenkwartier, the meeting rooms are available to third parties for many activities, from lectures to corporate presentations and workshops to multi-day events.

The Prinsenkwartier has 3 meeting rooms available:

The Podium lends itself to a variety of activities, from congress to performance and from lecture to debate. The room can be divided into 3 parts so that the visitors can also be divided into groups.

The Stadlab is a nice light space for brainstorming sessions, meetings, interactive presentations and workshops.

Due to the presence of 3D printers and on-site robots, this space radiates innovation and creativity, enhanced by the view.

Expo, This large multifunctional room is often used as an exhibition space. Apart from the exhibitions, this is a nice classic and spacious room suitable for concerts, exhibitions, company presentations and lectures.